Friday, 8 June 2012

Intro to Slim and Save diet

This blog will chart my journey on the slim and save diet plan, I have been on it a little over 6 weeks now (and have at least 19 more weeks to go)

The plan consists of :

3 packs & protein & 200g veg (optional milk allowance) OR 4 Packs  & veg (optional milk allowance)

For more information on the plan - check out the website Slim and Save

I am currently changing between the two on a daily basis.

Since the start I have lost  6 inches off bust, 3 inches off waist and 2 inches off each leg

Am currently a UK 8/10 on the bottom, 14/16 on top and a 28KK. With my aim of getting down in weight to have BR surgery and realise my goal of competing in bodybuilding competitions next year.

Onwards and upwards.

Will be updating with my food, goals, thoughts, recipes and general health/fitness updates along the way


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