Saturday, 16 June 2012

Food Log: Saturday & Training

1 litre water
3 cups Redbush tea
1 litre with Water flavouring
Coke zero
(Another few wine glasses of sparkling water to top up water allowance)

Banana shake
Protein (extra to cover training)
Crispy Chocolate shake
(possibly 1 more - Porridge/ Red Fruit Shake)

Exercise for today
Shred 30 minutes
Killer Buns/Thighs
Resistance band workout

Total : 2 hours

I am attempting to get to 100 hours exercise as fast as I can, I will add a ticker. Will include power walks, gym sessions, powerlifting,running, shred and other home workout elements.

Another 4lb down, 3lb officially (as I have hormonal fluctuations right now) - I have updated my ticker, 26lb in 7 weeks, so right on track for 30lb in 8 weeks, which I am chuffed with. I know a stone a month is typical for VLCD, and I am training, so taking that into consideration am pleased with the rate and am not seeing my hard earned muscle going anywhere! So pleased with the results currently

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