Sunday, 10 June 2012

Exercise routine/Sunday workout

My usual workout routine consists of a split something like this

5:Extra day - Hit up arms again/Kettlebells/Class
6:Rest day 
7:Running/full body workout

Am super busy with studying etc at the moment, so incorporating 30 day shred & hitting up the gym as often as I can, focusing on full body until a bit more time opens up!

On workout days I incorporate an extra food pack & protein - I often use Nectar, which has NO CARBS! It is a juicy style rather than milky, which is a nice change.

Normally off plan I would be shooting for protein 120-150g, obviously this is somewhat lower currently - Usually 75-110g. Will be upping the protein during re-feeding - which will be around September time at my current rate.

Sunday workout

Here are my workout plans for today!

30Day shred level 2
Ab workout

This is a rest day, so nothing too mega, just get a little warm!

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