Tuesday, 12 June 2012

30 day shred

Cracking on with my 30 day shred, alternating it in with my normal training, now on Level 2. I am finding it really good, I love the circuits and the varying intensity, the changes from one activity to the next really gets the sweat up, blood pumping and a good burn.

Its a 3 level programme, increasing in intensity. You do 10 days of each level, then move up to the next. At the end of 30 days you'll see some good changes - maybe not a 6 pack, but some tightening and fat zapping!

Level 1 is pretty low-moderate tempo - After then 10 days you will be finding it a breeze - they have a "beginners" and more "advanced" person to show you the variations which helps

The combinations of ab work, cardio, and strength is ace - Love the addition of deadlifts, squats and various styles of planks (various variations!)

I usually do the moves again when I hit the gym with 12kg or 14kg dumbbells, going to be getting some 20kg adjustable ones for home - hopefully be a nice addition to my gym schedule.

Normally work in Romanian deadlifts and traditional squats so the variations on shred are fairly straight forward, but I do feel a burn the day after which I had not anticipated!!

For £5 its a bargain!!

Measurements which have deffo gone down since are my thighs, now 2 inches smaller each, 20 inch to 18inches, they are pretty muscly and pretty big in ratio to the rest of me (bar my boobs), but am chuffed with that, clearly some fat was sitting on there!!

Will update change in measurements at end of Level 2!

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