Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Refeed day 1

I am embarking on my refeed, its going to be long and slow.. but here are my main aims for it..

1. Using Juddd - 2000 cals/500 cals pattern 
2. Eating mostly non processed foods
3. Keeping high protein as a priority (and as such mostly low carbs)
4. Training - weight training mostly, with some cardio and classes thrown in for fun

That's my focus until xmas really, hopefully I will be adding photos and videos along the way as I build on my refeed plan.

This is day 1 - which has been a down day - 500 cals have been consumed (54g carbs)

S&S has been amazing for me and I will be using slim & save products as I refeed.

TTFN x o