Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Refeed day 1

I am embarking on my refeed, its going to be long and slow.. but here are my main aims for it..

1. Using Juddd - 2000 cals/500 cals pattern 
2. Eating mostly non processed foods
3. Keeping high protein as a priority (and as such mostly low carbs)
4. Training - weight training mostly, with some cardio and classes thrown in for fun

That's my focus until xmas really, hopefully I will be adding photos and videos along the way as I build on my refeed plan.

This is day 1 - which has been a down day - 500 cals have been consumed (54g carbs)

S&S has been amazing for me and I will be using slim & save products as I refeed.

TTFN x o

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Food log : Monday & quick catch up

Goal for July is : 20lb
Week 1 - 9lb

Been to a spa for a bit of a pamper and had some time off work, so had a variation in my diet but stayed on plan and in ketosis. Had protein & packs whilst on leave from work, lots of water, lots of americano's, skinny latte's etc - and finished my weeks leave 9lb lighter :-)

Cracking on with exercise and plan - really want to get past 20lb lost in July, lots of tae bo, running, weight training and infra red saunas a plenty!!!!

Food for today
Banana shake
Caramel shake
Salad w/tuna

(I mixed 1/2 and 1/2 Banana & Caramel after some lovely ladies on Minimins advised it made a lush banoffee was delish!!)

530 calories 

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Food Log: Saturday &Sunday

Lifes been a bit busyyyy! Quick catch up

Coconut bar
Strawberry shake

Dandelion tea
Assam tea 

Exercise : Tae Bo - 1 hour; Powerwalk (in sweltering sun!) 1 hour
Poached eggs
Crispy Chocolate pudding

Assam tea

X2 Fat metaboliser/Chromium supplement

Exercise : Tae Bo - 1 hour, Gym (45-90 minutes)

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Food Log: Tuesday

2.5 litre water
2 Vanilla Chai (pukka)
Coke zero
Skinny Latte

Raspberry shake
Choc Truffa bar
Quorn light bites (protein)
Banana shake
+ Crispy Choc shake

45 minute walk
45 minutes weight training Back/Biceps

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Food log : Tuesday

Missed yesterday as have a nasty case of dizziness due to inner ear issues, so...trying to chill

Today is my birthday, so needless to say...mainly protein..and back on the wagon full belt tomorrow!

3 litres plain water
1 coke zero
1 diet cream soda

Banana shake
Plain salad
Roasted courgettes (as "crisps") and asparagus
Poached eggs

had a wee treat ... will be back on plan in the morning...ahoy! Want to drop 7lb time I have some leave in 10 days time.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Food Log: Saturday & Training

1 litre water
3 cups Redbush tea
1 litre with Water flavouring
Coke zero
(Another few wine glasses of sparkling water to top up water allowance)

Banana shake
Protein (extra to cover training)
Crispy Chocolate shake
(possibly 1 more - Porridge/ Red Fruit Shake)

Exercise for today
Shred 30 minutes
Killer Buns/Thighs
Resistance band workout

Total : 2 hours

I am attempting to get to 100 hours exercise as fast as I can, I will add a ticker. Will include power walks, gym sessions, powerlifting,running, shred and other home workout elements.

Another 4lb down, 3lb officially (as I have hormonal fluctuations right now) - I have updated my ticker, 26lb in 7 weeks, so right on track for 30lb in 8 weeks, which I am chuffed with. I know a stone a month is typical for VLCD, and I am training, so taking that into consideration am pleased with the rate and am not seeing my hard earned muscle going anywhere! So pleased with the results currently

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Food log : Wednesday : week 6 + 5 days

Food for today

2 litres water
1 litre with Orange water flavouring 
1 black coffee with sweetener
Coke zero

Vegetable soup
Spaghetti Bolognese meal pack
Milk truffa bar
Caramel shake
Snack - Broccoli steamed

Calories 559
Carbs 59
Protein 46

Physical activity : Walking - 2 miles fast pace & Shred to be completed tonight

Chit chat for Wednesday!

Today I ate slightly later and found this helped to decrease my hunger. I will be trying this again, Had my first pack at 1pm, second pack at nearly 4pm. Then nothing else until gone 9pm. No hunger at all, think I normally waste packs during my ravenous morning time - 7am-12 noon seems to be hungriest for me. If I tide over this period with water it really seems to help. This is from a person who hates water, I am learning to think of it as a part of every meal. If I have a bar, I cut it up small and have at least 750ml water alongside it.

Enjoying my water flavouring as a treat in the evening, These come in 100g pots - which has lasted me over a month (use no more than a teaspoon per big bottle of water - either 750ml or 1 litre). They are strong and sweet, so you can use a small amount.

Marks do an ace 1 litre bottle of water with a sports cap which is fantastic for anyone dieting!!

Feeling good and drinking loads at the moment, in an attempt to keep any hormonal water retention at bay!!

Onwards and downwards!!