Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Food log : Wednesday : week 6 + 5 days

Food for today

2 litres water
1 litre with Orange water flavouring 
1 black coffee with sweetener
Coke zero

Vegetable soup
Spaghetti Bolognese meal pack
Milk truffa bar
Caramel shake
Snack - Broccoli steamed

Calories 559
Carbs 59
Protein 46

Physical activity : Walking - 2 miles fast pace & Shred to be completed tonight

Chit chat for Wednesday!

Today I ate slightly later and found this helped to decrease my hunger. I will be trying this again, Had my first pack at 1pm, second pack at nearly 4pm. Then nothing else until gone 9pm. No hunger at all, think I normally waste packs during my ravenous morning time - 7am-12 noon seems to be hungriest for me. If I tide over this period with water it really seems to help. This is from a person who hates water, I am learning to think of it as a part of every meal. If I have a bar, I cut it up small and have at least 750ml water alongside it.

Enjoying my water flavouring as a treat in the evening, These come in 100g pots - which has lasted me over a month (use no more than a teaspoon per big bottle of water - either 750ml or 1 litre). They are strong and sweet, so you can use a small amount.

Marks do an ace 1 litre bottle of water with a sports cap which is fantastic for anyone dieting!!

Feeling good and drinking loads at the moment, in an attempt to keep any hormonal water retention at bay!!

Onwards and downwards!!


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